• Community Coat Exchange Partners

    Blue Sky Institute

    Crossroads Urban Center

    State of Utah Health Department Employee Wellness Council

    All Chay Restaurant
    Collection site
    1264 500 N, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

    Chapman Branch Library
    Collection site
    577 S 900 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84104

    Sugar Space Arts Warehouse
    Collection Site
    132 S 800 W, Salt Lake City

    New Hope Community Center
    Collection Site
    1102 W 400 North, SLC

    Utah Sierra Club
    Drop off/Collection site
    423 W 800 S A103, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

    Becoming a Community Partner is easy!
    Partners agree to:
    Promote the Community Coat Exchange with outreach materials (flyers and social media, websites, etc.) that include the Coat Exchange website address and contact information. Community partners also agree to endeavor to set up collection sites if possible.
    Contact coatexchange@blueskyinstitute.org to learn how to become a Community Partner!

  • The Community Coat Exchange is a project of Blue Sky Institute.


Pioneer Park, Downtown Salt Lake City, 400 South, 300 West, 10am – 1pm

We hold this free community event every year the day after Thanksgiving with the proceeds (left over coats) being donated to Crossroads Urban Center Thrift Store, a facility that caters to
low income and homeless community members.

The idea is to collect coats and give them away on the biggest shopping day of the year
(day after Thanksgiving, or “Black Friday”), with the tag line ” If you need a winter
coat, please come get one. If you can donate a coat, we know someone who could use it.”


Please consider these things:

1. Consider your organizations/businesses/offices as a drop off center,

2. Collect coats in your communities/organizations/businesses,

3. If you live in another part of the state, organizing a sister event on the same day
or day close to this one,

4. Post  flyers  at your organization’s facility,

5. Be willing to be listed as a co-sponsor – the obligation here would be to spread the
word on your websites/blogs/lists,

6. Donate racks and hangers for hanging the coats and sweaters,


7. Volunteer on the day of the event/enlist volunteers from your
organizations/businesses/communities/families. This could include just helping people
find coats to wear from the racks, (a lot of people ask us to do this!), providing hot
coffee/food for participants, providing entertainment (we will have a small sound system and microphone available), calling the media to come over, etc..

We would also like to get police and fire departments involved as well as mayor’s offices in our various towns and cities.

(NOTE: This is not a tabling event. The sole focus is on community need. We will have one or two tables with some literature on the issues related to this need.)

Thank you in advance!!

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